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04 February 2020The Cult of Gloriana: Art, Music and Personality at the Court of the Virgin Queen
10 March 2020Agatha Christie: Queen of Crime
07 April 2020Promenade Parisienne: A Walk with the impressionists through 19th Century Paris
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02 June 2020The Boy Who Bit Picasso
07 July 2020Paintbrushes at Dawn: The World's Greatest Artistic Feuds, Rows and Quarrels
06 October 2020The Journey of the Magi: Origins, Myth and Reality: The True Story of the Three Kings
03 November 2020The Healing Power of Plants
01 December 2020Peggy Guggenheim: The "poor little rich girl" who changed the face of twentieth century art.

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The Cult of Gloriana: Art, Music and Personality at the Court of the Virgin Queen Mark Cottle Tuesday 04 February 2020

Elizabeth I was the most remarkable woman of a remarkable age. Her reign was one of the great creative periods of English history – literature, music, art, architecture and overseas exploration all reached unprecedented heights. With passing reference to literature and architecture, this lecture will focus chiefly on the portraits, miniatures and music of Elizabeth’s court. The aim is to demonstrate great levels of artistic achievement and to interpret ideas and assumptions to recreate something of the energy, spirit, and confidence of this Golden Age. 


Mark Cottle was born on the Isles of Scilly and educated at Truro School, Cornwall, and Birmingham University. His career has been spent in education and training at home and abroad. He has lectured at Exeter College on Medieval and Tudor history, St Mark's & St John's University College, Plymouth, and at Bath University on Anglo Saxon and medieval England. Currently runs two small companies providing training and study breaks.