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03 December 2019The Opera Singer Phenomenon
05 November 2019The SS Great Britain An introduction and history (following AGM commencing at 2pm)
01 October 2019Decoding Famous Paintings. How to Unlock the Secrets of the Great Artists
04 June 2019Faber & Faber: its Designs and History
07 May 2019Zaha Hadid: Architectural Superstar
02 April 2019Of Earth, Clay and Water - the remarkable story of Chinese Ceramics
05 March 2019Peder Severin Kroyer : a painter of Northern Light
05 February 2019Tales of a Mysterious Land : Landscapes, Legends and Archaeology of Ethiopia
08 January 2019The Art of Illusion
04 December 2018Mars and the Muses: the Art of Armour
06 November 2018Burned, bombed and bulldozed, Britain's Lost Houses (following AGM which starts at 2pm)
02 October 2018Inspired by Stonehenge
05 June 2018Vermeer's Quiet Interiors
01 May 2018Life and Times of the Sundial
03 April 2018Churches, Mosques and Voodoo Shrines in Africa
06 March 2018Edouard Manet and Music
06 February 2018The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-offending
02 January 2018The Fall and Rise of British Painting 1968-2018
05 December 2017The Art of Happiness
07 November 2017Healing Stitches
03 October 2017Understanding Early Christian Art
06 June 2017To the Far Side of the World: Capt. James Cook and the Enlightenment.
02 May 2017The Silver Thread, Silver filligree jewellry and traditional arts in Kosovo.
04 April 2017Edgar Degas: Realist or Impressionist?
07 March 2017Rescuing Zeugma from the Euphrates.
07 February 2017Vivaldi in Venice. A musical afternoon!
03 January 2017Charles Dickens: The Man and his Life, through his characters.
06 December 2016Love, Art and Tragedy: Close encounters of a Cornish Art Colony. This follows our annual Christmas Party.
01 November 2016Adventures in 3D in Britain
04 October 2016Norman Rockwell: Great American artist or mere illustrator?
07 June 2016Tate Modern - a 21st century phenomenon.
03 May 2016Mother Nature's second husband: Lancelot Brown & the shaping of the English Landscape
05 April 2016Treasures of the Silk Road: From China to the Mediterranean.
08 March 2016The Elgin Marbles: (100years after their purchase)
02 February 2016Absolutely Classic! Neoclassicism in Regency England
05 January 2016Francisco Goya: Court painter to the Spanish Crown
01 December 2015Sing We Yule: a musical portrait of a medieval Christmas
03 November 2015Experiencing Egypt. My 3 years in Cairo.
06 October 2015The Two Elizabeths : Bookends of the Empire
02 June 2015The Festival of Britain, 1951, and its design legacy.
05 May 2015Venice: the Architecture of a Renaissance City
07 April 2015From Riches to Rags: the Huguenots of Spitalfields
10 March 2015William of Wykeham
03 February 2015The Emperor and the Prostitute. The story of Justinian & Theodora
06 January 2015Artist's Responses to Snow. In the Bleak Midwinter

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The Opera Singer Phenomenon Tim Mirfin Tuesday 03 December 2019

How do opera singers make that noise? Why do they make that noise? An examination by a practitioner of this extraordinary phenomenon of human evolution, including an overview of some of the many other challenges opera singers face, interspersed with both lecture-live singing and recorded examples and anecdotes. You really don't need like opera for this to prove interesting.