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17 November 2020Are you sitting comfortably? A social history of the chair
18 March 2021Once upon a time - Children's books through the ages

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Are you sitting comfortably? A social history of the chair Janusz Karczewski-Slowikowski Tuesday 17 November 2020

We trace the development of the chair in terms of its construction and style from ancient times through to the 19th century, which will hopefully surprise attendees with just how much there is to reveal about such a familiar item. The role of the chair as a symbol of power and authority in religious and courtly ritual and official settings will be examined as well as its social significance as something of a “status symbol” in a more vernacular context. Have you ever wondered where the phrase “sitting on your money” came from?  This discovery day will tell you! 

Participants are encouraged to bring along chairs for examination and discussion which
should date pre-1910.